Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Marketing Power of Good Photography

Professional photography is worth a fortune to a retailer or other marketers. Consider the famous retail catalog and ecommerce website of the Pottery Barn. Would the products be as sought-after if the photography wasn't so good?

Pottery Barn photomarketing photoretail photography

The Pottery Barn catalog and website are like a home design magazine -- full of decorating ideas that inspire the purchase of the products. The Quality of the photography is a huge part of their success with this concept.

Or consider the marketing power of these photos of a Royal Caribbean cruise from Boston.

retail photographyretail photographycruise from boston

With just 3 photos, you can see that these cruises from Boston are active, indulgent, and fun for the whole family. Maybe not the image you had of cruising? That's the marketing power of good photography.

Don't skimp on photography when you're marketing. A talented professional can make or break your promotional campaign.