Monday, September 25, 2006

Business Blog Roundup

The latest Carnival of Capitalists is online at Crossroad Dispatches. Always an interesting batch of posts about investing, the economy, management, and business in general. Check it out.


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Anonymous Nicolas said...

Reading thru you postings was educational. On most points I agree with you. "Nothing New Under the Sun", would disagree. These days, been creative in advertising, offering new promotions, keeping a client journal, call backs, excellent customer service, can all be done with some flair. There is still a lot to offer, new idea's. Also your mention about Lowes and HDepot, might be true for some customers, but my experience has always been fantastic. Always someone to offer help. I might be geographical also, big cities, more people, service suffers. Small towns, excellent serice. Anyway thanks for your info, will keep this blog handy.

11:55 AM  
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