Friday, December 09, 2005

Sexy Internet Icons and Promotions

Veronika Zemanova is a famous Internet icon with tremendous name recognition and a huge following -- at least amongst men. Photos of the model are everywhere on the net, even though she is no longer actively modeling. Ms. Zemanova's popularity has potential commercial value, if harnessed in a contructive way.

Jason Rothwell is attempting to cash in on Veronika Zemanova's fame by making her a centerpiece of his new film, Zemanovaload. The idea to use Ms. Zemanova's name and likeness to promote a small buget comedy film is clever. A ficitious model could've been used, but there wouldn't have been any potential buzz going that route. Is it ironic that an "old-media" movie is using a "new media" internet superstar for promotion?

Internet icons are powerful draws. How could one be used to promote your business? It's all part of the fine art of marketing to men.

Veronika 2