Saturday, November 26, 2005

E-Commerce Non-Profit Fundraising

Non-profit organizations are using e-commerce retailing to raise money for worthy causes. The Christian Appalachian Project in Kentucky predicts it will raise $100,000 through online sales in the next year. The non-profit launched GodsNet less than two months ago. Area residents donate books and other items. Volunteers post them on and mail them. They have more than 3,500 book titles for sale. All proceeds are donated to Keep the Heat On, a program that helps poor people pay their power bills.

EBay actively courts non-profit vendors. 6,500 non-profit organizations have raised $59 million through E-Bay's Giving Works program since it was launched about five years ago. Sellers who sign up with Giving Works aren't charged fees when they sell items online as long as 90 percent or more of the proceeds go to charity.

Retailing for the common good -- gotta love it. Read more in the article from the Lexington Herald-Leader.