Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Retail Success: TopShop

Read about TopShop's Jane Shepherdson, "the most influential woman in British retail."

36-hour shop-a-thons. 7,000 lines of fashion clothes. Ordering 500,000 tank tops and selling them all in a week. Constant store updates. Home delivery. It's all part of the TopShop retailing success story.

Does it work? This year, in a British consumer downturn, TopShop made a profit of £100million.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Retail Success: Old Town Root Beer Company

Old Town Root Beer Company in San Diego is a sweet retail success story. Article from the North County Times. John Montgomery found a recipe for root beer in an old family Bible, tried it, and liked it so much he decided to open a root beer shop by his printing business. Five years later, the family business manufactures 16 types of micro-brew sodas sold through their 3 stores. They plan to open 30 more shops.

Unusual inventory is a fine recipe for success for any retailer: in addition to its own brews, Old Town sells brands like Virgil's (imported from Bavaria), Moxie, Gray's (established in 1856), and the original formulas of Coke, Squirt and 7UP. 40% of sales come from t-shirts, hats and western-themed sculptures.