Saturday, May 21, 2005

Retail Marketing: Adidas Brand Stores

Brand stores continue to succeed and grow. The world's largest Adidas Sport Performance Store has opened in New York City.

"Our adidas Sport Performance Stores are an important communication platform for us - here we can showcase the breadth and depth of our brand offering in a unique setting," said Erich Stamminger, President of adidas America. "adidas makes products for more sports than any other brand and this is our opportunity to demonstrate that. We want people to think of the adidas Sport Performance Store as more than just a store, but a destination for athletes."

adidas currently has more than 15 Sport Performance Stores worldwide located in Marseille, Toulouse, Lisbon, Las Vegas, Manchester and the most recently opened store in London. The next Sport Performance Stores are scheduled to open in Berlin, Rome, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other major metropolitan cities around the world.

What does this mean for your own retail store marketing? Well ... do you feature the brands you sell? Manufacturers spend a fortune on promoting their brands -- take advantage by creating "brand boutiques" inside your larger store. And if you don't sell brands worth promoting? Get some fresh merchandise!