Friday, February 04, 2005

Retail business success: Scotty's Market

Terra Linda, California's Scotty's Market is a neighborhood grocery store that's successfully competing with the giants in a cutthroat industry. They've created real differences between themselves and the chain stores.
With a deli famous with folks across the city, expansive kosher and organic sections, and a huge popcorn machine near the produce section busily churning out free snacks for customers as they shop, the business celebrating 48 years this year is here to stay, officials said.

"We have kind of got a lot of everything in this little store," said owner Steve Bianchini, 48, a Novato resident who has worked at Scotty's since he was 15.

"We do new things in this store all the time. We will continue to do things that, to me, keeps this place interesting and fun," he said. "We try to stay on top of the things out there.


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