Monday, May 01, 2006

How retailers can make money from websites without selling anything

Last week I wrote about my Internet home business and how I make money from website publishing. Can retailers take advantage of the web in the same way? Yes they can.

Retailers are in a great position to make money from websites without selling anything. All you have to do is share your expertise about your products on your website. You know what questions your customers ask. Answer them online for all to see. Write product reviews. Give tips on how to use that gadget. It should come naturally for a retailer and will be very useful for people on the web.

Share your product knowledge and you'll build your reputation as an expert. That should help your retail sales. But you will also make money from the website if you put ads from the Google Adsense program on your site. Every click on an ad is money for you, and without selling any inventory!

Give this type of Internet business a try. After 3 months or so you should begin to see results. If you're not inclined to create a website yourself, it would be a good project for your teenage kid or one of your employees. Let them keep the website profits and you'll still benefit from the publicity for your store.