Friday, September 30, 2005

Sexy advertising: Sports by Brooks

Sports by Brooks is a small Los Angeles event promotions and weblog business. It has unblushingly made sexy women an integral part of its brand image. This promotional strategy is appropriate and relevant because the company targets young men and attempts to draw them into the bars it promotes. The SportsbyBrooks girls are so popular that the business has spread its services to New York and Europe.

sports by brooks girlsLet's apply our 3 tests for evaluating sexy ads to Sports by Brooks:

Do you remember what the ad sells? Or do you only remember the sex?
Yes, definitely. The "SportsbyBrooks" name is always used when referring to the girls.

Is the ad hot enough to be remarkable (literally)?
Yes, SportsbyBrooks girls are a frequently used search engine query, and the girls are linked from numerous other blogs and websites.

Is the sexy ad part of a whole brand identity or just a one-off titillation?
Certainly a whole brand identity. The girls are always present at Sports by Brooks events.

This company scores 100% on our sexy advertising test. Other small businesses that target young men can learn from this example.


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