Thursday, August 18, 2005

Christie Brinkley: the perfect Baby Boomer spokesmodel

Christie Brinkley, at age 51, will again be the face of Cover Girl cosmetics. That's a stroke of genius for the brand -- Brinkley is the perfect pitch-person for cosmetics aimed at aging Baby Boomers. She's a healthy, beautiful mom who fits right in the middle of the Boomer demographic (she's 10 years older than the youngest Boomers).

Ms. Brinkley had a long association with Cover Girl in her younger years. The company will play off that connection to build a strong brand image in the minds of wannabe "Boomer babes".

The Independent writes:

Brinkley has continued to pop up here and there, sometimes on the less-than-glamorous sets of late-night television infomercials. She may still be a stunner - she recently told Good Housekeeping magazine that she maintained her looks without Botox or other cosmetic surgery aids - but there was no hint that her modelling career was anything other than in the past.

"CoverGirl is part of my DNA and I'm thrilled to be back with 'family'," she gushed in the official press statement last nght. "I'm excited to promote a new product developed specifically for women like me, who want flawless coverage combined with the latest science in skincare." And the industry is intrigued. "Her public perception as a mother is very strong," says Andrew Sacks, president of AgencySacks, a Manhattan-based advertising agency. "People like her. There's not a diva association. For a very wholesome American brand, it's a perfect match." But CoverGirl has broken the mould before - the hardly lithe Queen Latifah already models for the company.

Is there any better spokesmodel for a Boomer beauty product? Christie Brinkley was one of the original "supermodels" who became a household name with men and women after appearing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and a multitude of ads. Maybe she'll now be the first 50+ supermodel.

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