Thursday, June 16, 2005

Print catalogs generate profits for niche retailers

Print catalogs aren't dead. In fact they're growing impressively. Sales from print catalogs are expected to hit $152 billion this year, up from $143 billion in 2004. Multi-channel retailing is the state of the industry now.
"The Web site is a passive channel. The mail order catalog is an assertive channel. You decide you're going to call on someone," said Jim Padgitt, president of Direct Marketing Insights Inc., a catalog marketing consulting firm in Charleston, S.C. Plus, catalogs have staying power. Nearly six out of 10 catalog shoppers keep a catalog that they order from for at least three months, Blankenship said.
Go slowly and avoid common mistakes like selling commodity merchandise, mailing too many catalogs, presenting too little information or being caught short of merchandise. More from the article in the Chicago Tribune.


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