Friday, October 28, 2005


This isn't strictly a retailing story, but I find it a fascinating commentary on business success in America today -- Headrush Inc. starts construction next week on a $15 million expansion of its paintball park and BMX track in Syracuse, New York. $15 million!

The existing 31,000 square foot building gets upgraded paintball fields, an arcade, a full kitchen and a 12,500 square foot addition that will include an indoor skatepark. A new 50,000 square foot building will house an indoor supercross track and a retail outlet for bikes, ATVs, jet skis and more. The facility will also provide an outdoor motocross track for racing during the summer months.

A 87-room Wingate hotel at the park will have conference facilities for big events. The hotel is a convenience for traveling teams and for players attending large events at the park.

"Experiences" and physical play are growth fields that are untapped in much of the nation. Can your retail business experiment by setting up a few events or by integrating entertainment like American Girl does? (Headrush sells franchises for those intrigued by this specific opportunity.)


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